Drivers Wanted

2017 NASA Prototype Series

SISU Motorsports is looking for a driver to join us in the NASA Prototype Series in 2017.

The NASA Prototype Series was created to meet the needs of competitors seeking an extremely competitive, cost effective platform utilizing a purpose built closed cockpit prototype style chassis specifically designed with the series goals in mind; fun, fast, safe, and affordable. The series focus is on driver skill by way of intentionally limiting the number of electronic aids and adjustments available to series competitors. This emphasizes driver skill over car setup and assists in limiting costs further.

2017 Teen Mazda Challenge

2017 Teen Mazda Challenge

SISU Motorsports is looking for a driver to join us in the Teen Mazda Challenge in 2017.

The TEEN MAZDA CHALLENGE race program was created to allow young race car drivers between the ages of 13 and 22 to compete in nationally sanctioned road race events. The Teen Mazda Challenge Series concept as envisioned by Ron Cortez is to provide a step in Mazda’s ladder system by which a young woman or man can advance from Go Karts and/or motocross through a highly competitive “spec’ series, Mazda’s renown Spec Miata series.

For more information on either of these two programs please contact us right away.